my new favorite coloring book...

Jan 20, 2011

i literally made my husband buy this book for "the girls" ...but really for me
you can design outfits on these underwear clad sketches... i couldn't stop it was so much fun! they look kind of cheesy its true, but its such a breeze to draw exactly what i am thinking of on the figures that are waiting to be dressed...
my girls giggled hysterically 


i told them how they were supposed to dress the girls in stylish outfits and they got to work... those girls needed clothes!

do you recognize that little cropped sweatshirt below? this fancy coloring book even helped me figure out where i wanted to crop it... the one on the right is my latest project, still a work in progress {all right fine, i haven't started it yet... i got distracted by a super ugly mens turtle neck that was meant to be a pencil skirt}

 so fun right?! sadly i couldn't find the book online but i got in the bargain section at Borders for $5.... i need to buy one for each of my sisters cause i know they love to color!


a little bit of Ditz
did a full grocery run today... 

with no  debit card. 
 had to leave my cart and run home to get money.
 i felt like a duffus. 
that is all.


  1. I'm pretty sure I need that book!

    And the grocery store run... I do that crap all the time! Pretty embarrassing =(

  2. I've done that at the store before...SO embarrassing!

    And you can draw girl! Really fun to create your look on models already to be dressed. :)

  3. Oh my gosh I WANT that!

  4. you definitely have the design skills in you! I also love that when you made it, it actually looked just like your drawing. That doesn't always happen for me. You girls have a great blog, and great ideas!

  5. I need this. i hope our borders still have this in their shelves.


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