very purpley

Jan 21, 2011

Shoes: 6.00 Target clearance
Tights: TARGET 5.00
Dress: Target originally but I got it for 6.00 at Plato's Closet
Belt: 1.50 Thrifted
Green vest: Target 5.00?? don't remember...

I like the word Purpley. Thank you Will Farrell (or the screen writers of Elf) for inventing it.

"Morning Sarah, that's a very nice purple dress. It's very purpley." ~Elf


  1. Soph you have great legs... those tights and boots look awesome on you.

  2. Your style gets sweeter and sweeter every freak'n day! I cant believe your colors! I want to be in that entire outfit right now.

  3. I Love that word too. I love your outfit. I love the Elf movie.
    Love Mom

  4. You girls are too cute!! I love this outfit, I NEED some purpley fun tights!! And love ELF, it's defiantly a classic!!!

  5. Okay I'm kicking myself right now because I saw that dress at target, didn't get it because I thought it would look like a moo moo and then you show up looking all hot!

  6. How did you do your belt like that? p.s. totally am loving the tights :)

  7. what a sexy stylish sexy mama!! and a girl after my own heart- target rules!! except i need to go shopping with you, somehow my sweats and tees don't look as amazing on me as that little get-up looks on you! you are beautiful! love ya soph! love, hollie :)

  8. awesome that i wrote sexy twice in the same sentence. i'm awesome. obviously up past my bedtime. 10:11 pm woohhoooooo!!! xoxo

  9. Love how this look!! The tights just pull everything together : D

  10. Ahh, the colors in this outfit are PERFECT!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  11. okay hott mama! lookin good :)


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