5.80? yes please!

Feb 19, 2011

This skirt was 5.80 from forever 21 and not even on clearance!
Here's a similar skirt online for 13.80.
Thanks SYDNEY for the inspiring outfit that made me think stripes on the bottom were okay to rock.

Boyfriend Blazer: 11.00 Target
Yellow Flower: made by ME:)
Green Shirt: Sister #1's closet.
Red Heals: Rue 21 20.00



  1. forever 21 is the best! And I love your outfit! xoxo

  2. forever 21 is the best! And your outfit is really cute!! xoxo

  3. for serious?! I'm going there right now and buying one!!

  4. I want that skirt!! You are definitely rockin the stripes on bottom. Jealous.

  5. yes dear, you are a hottie! wow! don't think i could rock those stripes EVER in my entire life, but especially not now with this saggy cheesey bum:) love your guts sophie! xoxo, hollie

  6. Hey I really like this on you. Whenver I am at F21 and I see this skirt, I pass on it. I think next time I will not :)

    Just Better Together

  7. I just made my first order from forever 21. I always assumed it would be mod cloth prices. How wrong I was. I can't believe how inexpensive they are! Especially the jewelry.


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