How "not" to cut your own hair....

Feb 21, 2011

i am NOT a hair stylist, so don't try this at home... {unless you are crazy, like me}

i am sort of obsessed with going to Sally Beauty Supply and just buying random crap and trying it out... i am not a person that gets really attached to their hair so if i screw it up too badly i just deal with it... ya know, rock that pixie cut or bright red hair... or whatever happens... lately i have been just leaving my hair alone, not giving it any love...

lets change that.
 i love my razor... the entire point of a razor is to have sort of imperfect hair... totally my style

ready. set. GO.

just hack away until you're satisfied...

end of tutorial...
{seriously though, NOT a tutorial... please don't take me seriously for a minute... i really don't know what i'm doing}

lets be honest here, i am in NO way finished with my hack job... i just don't want to scare my sweet husband, a little bit at a time and one day he will wake up and be like
"when did you cut your hair?"
j/k he is totally in on it, he begged me to grow it so he is kind of attached to it... it will be less of a shock if i cut it off over a few weeks...

 wait, are we still taking pictures?

 new hair and pink lips... much better

and some dumb faces for the road...



  1. This is such a cute post! Your hair really looks good. I wasn't sure when you first started with that razor how it was going to turn out but it looks great!!

  2. It looks great!

    I cut my hair myself! I found a tutorial online and tried it once and now I'm hooked... it's super simple.

    When your hair is wet, flip your head over and with your hair hanging to the floor twist clockwise and cut. Then brush your hair and twist counter-clockwise and cut.

    Perfect layers every time!

  3. cool. i cut my kids and husband's hair but i don't know how to cute mine. grrr.

    Thinking Out Loud

  4. Love it. And your style too. I've never seen you with a bad cut...Oh and Cooper sat on my lap and said 'Lena'. Dont you love that he still knows you?? Miss u! Oh, and I think I'm coming out at the end of May...Yay!!


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