Cora made me do it... part 2

Feb 18, 2011

Cora really feels its important to be fair... no matter what
if she says she loves someone she then has to list everyone else she loves and that she loves them all "equally"

so of course, every finger needs a ring...
She was a bit upset about the thumbs
she also wanted to be fair about my earrings... the pink Guess ones and the gold tassels were her favorite but it broke her little heart to have to choose between them!

so one in each ear.

 i think she really understands our "MORE is more" style philosophy 
and she has taken it to another level

yesterdays outfit for pre-school included 4 necklaces her satin elastic waistband skirt OVER her Rumba pants... My husband asked me in a very concerned voice "is she really gonna wear that?" and i was like "well, i can try to accidentally sit on the skirt so she doesn't see it when she 's getting dressed.."
worked like a charm.



  1. what a cute post! :) love your rings

  2. so funny! My daughter is the same way...when she picks out a necklace she picks out 5. I love your tiffany blue i'm going to go buy some like NOW>

  3. Nice blog !!

  4. aww cora. i'm loving these daughters of ours lately. and i love that, for her, you wore a ring on every finger. adorable.

  5. Totally on a nook color at barnes and noble right now.... the blog looks cool on this thing!

  6. That's so funny! Maybe I need to sit on some of my daughter's clothes too :)

  7. I have the white ring from f21! I wore it yesterday.


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