remixing the No-Sew vest

Feb 9, 2011

i love target... its unhealthy i think...
but when you can find the perfect gold skinny belt of your dreams for a buck... it just feeds the addiction
PLUS they clearanced out my favorite tights! so i bought every color...
"hi, my name is Selina and i am a Target-aholic.."
i even bought the same cool flat rocker ankle boots for 8 bucks that Livy has   {typically i loathe flats} but these were 8 bucks!!! {and Livy paid 35 for hers... is that totally wrong?}

ps.. don't worry Cory these sweet deals were not all purchased since my mom and sis have been here so don't freak...

sometimes i will go to Target to buy milk or bread in the hopes that i will stumble upon shoes or jewelry or even a great bag on clearance...
Who invented clearance? i could kiss that person!

i even recorded the documentary type show about Target because i am such a junky...

Top? Old Navy
Vest? made by me
Belt? Target
Skirt? F21
Tights? Target
Shoes? Payless
Goofy falling down the stairs pose? that's all me people...



  1. i am SOOO happy to know that I am not the only Target-aholic out there. And, I totally do the same "Milk and Bread" routine.

  2. I'm having an affair with Target actually, and I'm not planning on stopping any time soon.

  3. Girl we are like twins! I LOVE target serious it my fave store! ps: You look mega hottt!!


  4. I do love a target clearance. You look fabulous!

  5. Hi, my name is Amy...
    and I am a Targetaholic.

    I'm right there with you girl!


  6. Cute outfit!

    I too,am a targetholic. Everything's just so darn cheap and beautiful...

  7. Target feels like such a long trip for me but if those ankle boots are on sale I better go! I looovoe their groceries. vae you had their archer farms blueberry goat cheese chicken salad. aadddiiicccttteeedddd....

  8. target is an hour away from where i live, yet i still frequent there FARRRR too often. you look awesome. and i need a gold belt. just like yours. stat.

  9. this looks fabulous!!! So I'm finally engaged!!! I'm so excited!!!

  10. Love the stripes with that outfit. very french chic. I am a target girl too!
    why not? price is right.

    XO Lisa

  11. The tights are on sale HURRAY! Love the vest!

  12. I am addicted to Target as well. Seriously!
    Cardigans and Cookie Dough


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