Have you met Suze?

Feb 12, 2011

we went on a blind date...
a blogger blind date... 
To a super cool thrift store of course!

 with none other than Miss Vinyl Ahoy herself!

and can i just say that she is even more beautiful in person {and a bit taller than i imagined... ;) }
she took us to a couple of her favorite local thrift stores and we DIED! we were in thrift heaven and majorly scored some magical stuff...

Poor Suze only left with a GARBAGE BAG full of stuff...

um. no.

 they even had a little Suze doll! ~creepy~
she is so cute! we had such a blast!

don't let Sophie's sweet innocent face fool you... she TOTALLY swiped these beautiful Carmel colored leather gloves right out of my freaking hand! OUT OF MY HAND! its not like we both saw them and she got to them first i had them in my hand and she yanked them out!! i let her have them because i am the oldest and the most mature... i guess i could have wrestled her to the ground...
 {on second thought she would have won that fight i am more mature but she is clearly stronger than me}

mom scored some sweet deals too... she even found a prom dress for Elise! 15 bucks baby!

Sophies entire outfit C/O my closet
there are some more hilarious and duffus pictures HERE on Suzes flickr she got some sweet pics of our shoes and some super embarrassing pics of my flared nostrils... cute.

Friday night i went on a blogger group blind date with a ton of super cool MI bloggers! set up by sillygrrl it was super fun!  i forgot my camera like the duffus that i am .. but as soon as one of these super cool bloggers post their pics i will post them here and tell you all about it!

on a sad note...
 mom and Sophie and Baby Eden are gone..



  1. Kinda messed up that Husb.#1 was gone for two days ...and NO love for me on the post.....well wait let me go back and read...nope no love.

  2. You guys are WAY too adorable. I wish I had a sister (or three) to thrift with! I, too, am a thriftin craftin kinda girl, so of course I must follow. :)

  3. hi, it was great to meet you the other night and you were totally right, the husbands blog is hilarious!
    anyway, your thrifting adventure looks pretty awesome!

  4. hi, Selina! It was great meeting you the other night. I read about 15 entries in your site, and I think I'm in love. I wish I were more handy with crafts and sewing, because I totally want to do some of these T-shirt revamps. Can I just pay you to do a couple for me? LOL. I kid.

    I added you to my reader under Daily Reads, because I love your blog.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.


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