Thrifty Mcthrifterson...

Feb 11, 2011

 so we pretty much thought we would do all this blogging and take all these pictures when everyone got here but people got sick and people were catching up my laundry etc
... and we pretty much thrifted instead...

 i basically forced Sophie to teach my dance classes just for kicks so that is what we wore nearly the entire time we were together, stretchy stuff...
it was super helpful at the thrift store cause you could totally pull stuff on over your stretchy pants 
{a new technique we invented}
mmmmm... yummy shoes.

 Sophie  MADE me try on trousers... i totally get the idea... its just that every time i try them on i feel ridiculous...

truthfully, i was pretty close to purchasing these suckers....until i noticed

{who wore these?}

we even found a sweet little pea coat for a peanut... and little suede shoes for my little stinker

we have more thrifting adventures to share...
{we went on a blind blog date with a thrifting Queen... more about that tomorrow}



  1. I can't believe you found shoes like that at a thrift store!

  2. great finds!

    Just Better Together
    come check out my cowl scarf giveaway

  3. i LOVE thrift stores!!!! such good finds!

  4. Oh my friggin heck! Those shoes are totally amazing! You guys always find the best stuff, I am super jelly!! Love love love!!


  5. haha! definitely some crazzzy crotch action. i love that photo of you laughing - so adorable. on a different note... i'm in love with that scarf!

  6. that peacoat is so precious...isn't thrifting SO MUCH FUN!

  7. I actually love those trousers, they look so hip! You guys make thrifting look like a party!


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