Wonder Woman Make-up

Feb 22, 2011

i am not a "rules" girl... its not like i'm a rule-breaker-trouble-maker i just think its hard to be creative if you give yourself too many rules 
i typically would not wear or recommend wearing  Smooth Blue eyeliner with Russian Red lipstick.. its not a rule... just wouldn't do it..

except for today
 its the Wonder Woman collection at MAC! i was scheduled to freelance and felt it was an appropriate combo and can i just say, i kinda dig it. 
don't worry, this look wont go into regular rotation,{it did feel kind of powerful though}

i love that i have a very very part-time job where i get to wear fantasy make-up for no reason!
its fun!

do you think Wonder Woman wore suspenders?

 oh ya, she didn't wear pants... so that's probably a no.


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