Mar 3, 2011

Stiped shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Forever 21(9.50), Denim button down: Thrifted(4.00), Nine West Ankle boots: (BRAND never been walked in!) Thrifted(12.00)

Today was a sleepy day... I feel like I look kind of asleep in these pictures too.  This morning I was playing with eden in her room one minute and the next I was dreaming about being on some game show.  I woke up within 5 minutes to find my self using her blanky and one of her soft dolly's as a pillow.
I did accomplish something though... I cleaned my bathrooms. yay. thrilling.
On a funny note my daughter finally figured out that putting her hands in the toilet is fun... I just thought I had an exceptionally angellic child...wrong-o.

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