this is me... eating more words...

Apr 12, 2011

Target Tee, thrifted Express trouser jeans, Macys shoes, gifted necklace, Forever 21 ring
do you remember how i swore to myself that i would never wear a flannel... and then i caved?

well it happened again... only out loud this time, i told Sophie that i just looked wrong in trousers and flared pants and that i would live and die in my skinnies... until i dug up these super old Express trouser jeans and fell back in love...

 i even gave her a pair because i swore i would never wear them..

 just kidding sis, you can keep them... i found a great highwaisted pair of flares at F21 the other day to replace them... and, dare i say, they are even more fabulous than the ones that got away!

 do you love my little purse necklace? i won a give away from one of my new favorite bloggers Chloe from Memoirs of a little thing called life take a moment to DIE over her ridiculous style and her SHOES! be still my little heart, this girl has that best shoes!

go ahead and stop by, tell her Selina sent you...


SHOW OFF YOUR SHOES week starts Monday! i hope Chloe joins in even though she is doing 30 for 30... i am sure you all want to see the other pretty shoes she owns {i know i do!}


  1. Chloe_rushworthApril 12, 2011

    I LOVE those jeans. It is so good to see my little necklace flew right across the world in one piece. Thanks so much for featuring me on here Selina. I will join in - i'll still do my 30 for 30 but will unleash the rest of my shoe collection in the evenings to show thw world ha. Your a doll. Love.

    C x

  2. I love this simple, classic look! The shirt tucked in to the trousers is super cute and the necklace just adds to its cuteness :) Love it.

    amy day to day

  3. okay you look soo stinking awesome in trousers. How could you have gone this long without them. I'm so impressed that you thrifted them too.

  4. i love the new-pant movement this season! i couldn't be more ready to roll up the skinnies and jump into a new pair of high-waisted trousers! i also bought a pair at F21 and live by them...truly!

  5. 1- trouser jeans are a mythic thing of beauty. I love them and that is a nice pair. Which ones did you score from F21? Are they online?
    2- I've been stalking you all for a while (via lovemaegan, I think?) and adore you all. I am a Target, Ross, and thrift junkie and you guys look amaaazing!

  6. Good thing you decided to eat your words. Because you seriously look in a pair of trousers.


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