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May 17, 2011

Shirt~WetSeal 5.00, Skirt~made by me (Tutorial HERE), Shoes~Old Navy 0.47, Bow Necklace~Gifted Little Mookie,  Bag Katherines

I have always wanted effortless style but there I always am staring at my closet full of clothes with NO idea what to wear.  Selina (sister #1) gave me some advice as to how she recently put together her new "favorite outfit" she said she just started to pair stuff together that she normally wouldn't and all the unlikely stuff ended up looking great.  I am a very visual person so when I have a shirt that I have worn one way it is hard for me to see it any other way, so this totally helped me.
Thanks Selina. 
My brain doesn't always want to think out of the box.



  1. Amber (Thrifted Clothes)May 17, 2011

    I LOVE your outfit. I wish I could make skirts like you! Awesome.

  2. sugarplumsaraMay 17, 2011

    really love these patterns together!

     House of Shoes

  3.  This looks great. i so covet that skirt.

  4. Soph!!! i didn't know you could sew!!! i love sewing and following blogs like yours!! i follow Simple simon and co. and it sent me to yours! you are all super cute! 

  5. Katherine BecksteadMay 18, 2011

     lookin good soph! 


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