leggings and half way hair

May 13, 2011

Top~Thirfted 5.00, Leggings~Old Navy 1.00, Belt~Old Navy 0.47, Shoes~Thrifted 6.00

I have a feeling that leggings are going to be my best friend this summer. So basically my warm weather style is going to be based on what is the most comfortable (and cute) and not pinching in at my waist.  

You know what is also going to be my best friend this summer?
Half way hair.
My hair has no volume so if I don't blow it dry it's flat flat flat.
So I have recently started to just blow dry the top of my hair.  Just the very top layers, the rest I let go curly or frizzy or whatever it is that my hair does... 
Super easy... Not super polished looking but I still feel cute. This is going to help me out because at the end of my pregnancy blow drying a head of hair will be like climbing Mt. Everest.

xo~ Sophie


  1. shealennonMay 13, 2011

     I'm way late on this, but congratulations!!! And I love that yellow belt. 

  2. Very cute! I just found your blog today and it is so quirky and fun.
    Much love,


  3. i LOVE that dress/top - so cute!!!!

    and i basically live in leggings paired with a tunic/dress. so comfy. you can't go rong with it!!!

    caroline - pictures & words

  4. Rach GentMay 15, 2011

    Hey! I absolutely LOVE your blog! I am having a page dedicated to the blogs that I love and I would love to feature you, come check my most recent blog out and let me know if your interested! have a great day! :)

  5. elizabethMay 15, 2011

    I have the same type of hair and I feel like it's Mt Everest everyday and I am not even pregnant.  Most days it just doesn't happen..... 

  6. I know what you mean about the whole Mt. Everest thing. I remember every morning in the beginning of my pregnancy I would make a veggie omelet, but then after  a few months I would bring a ziplock baggie full of cereal and milk with a spoon that I would eat at the bus stop. lol Everything is harder when you are pregnant.

    Born To Be Styled


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