hey... i saw you in the Target parking lot Again...

May 16, 2011

thrifted top, necklace made by me, Forever 21 pin stripe jeans, Steve Madden shoes {via TJ Maxx}
my friend Tanya called me the other day, she said she just saw me in the Target parking lot... again AND that her husband saw me there the other day...

and guess what... that is only one of the many Targets that i frequent


i am at Target... a lot...

i am a junky, i go to target for bread, socks, tights{obsessed}, general clearance finds, and to just walk around for no reason..

i am still not quite sure why i love it so much..
is Target prettier than other stores?

do you think they spike the pretzels with some sort of addictive substance that makes you think of Target  when you are not there... 

and what about that dollar spot!

just when we thought target couldn't get any better they started that darned Dollar spot... i needed those sunglasses and the sparkly pencils, and stationary, and cute little hair-things and tiny little buckets and packets of stickers and dry erase boards and coloring books and flash cards and little white gloves and.....

i am feeling the urge... 

time to start a project... or finish the dozens that are in the works


how do you curb your Target appetite?


  1.  I'm not sure what it is about Target, but I'm the same way. 
    Maybe its because they have some really amazing clearance deals?

    -Oh and I absolutely adore your outfit!!

  2. Alycia CrowleyMay 16, 2011

    target is the best :)

  3. sugarplumsaraMay 16, 2011

    i. LOVE target. the closest one to me is half an hour away and I'm missing it like crazy. and can I just say you rock at model poses?!

    House of Shoes

  4. Chloe_rushworthMay 16, 2011

     We need target in the UK!!! 

    C x

  5. I hit up Target this morning.....stretchy rings, $8 earrings, Carter's clothing, and the awesome tights! Plus they have an awesome make-up section. There is just something about that place!

  6.  Target is amazing! Of course! hehe I can't believe more people see me there haha

  7. Target=the best. I actually went there this weekend and managed to walk out with only a Father's Day card.!! That was a first!

  8.  I have the same obsession! Target is the greatest place ever!

  9. Haha! I still can't put my finger on what exactly it is about Target that makes it so great! It just makes you feel at home!

    amy day to day

  10.  Haha Selina, this post is awesome. I agree with you-- Target is my favorite stress reliever. There is something so soothing about walking up and down those red-lined isles. If you find a curb for the Target appetite, please let me know :)

    xo Corinne

  11. ohhhh, target....you are irresistible.

     what stops me? there are no targets within the city limits of san francisco. i know, i know...however do i survive, right? lol.

    caorline - pictures & words

  12. We have Target in Australia but I think our version is not nearly as awesome as the US one sounds.... OZ Target does not sell bread. Or pretzels. If it did, I would be there as much as you.
    Having said that, I still seem to visit the poor man's version of Target more than my husband thinks is necessary!

  13.  i go at least once a week. if i don't go, i am in target withdrawal - no joke. i feel you on all of the great things about target. and on top of that, if you want to return something, you only need the credit card you bought the item with - no receipt, no nothing. perfect.

    find me at love-like-laughter.blogspot.com

  14. When I worked at a daycare full time, I used to get an hour long break. I am not exaggerating at all when I say I went to Target (only down the street) EVERY DAY during that hour. And it was worse when I got pregnant with my daughter. I actually bought something almost every day. I freaking LOVE  Target!

  15. Target is one of my favorite dept stores.  I'd go more if mine wasn't so far away from me.

  16.  i could hang out in target for hours, everyday. it's kind of amazing.

  17. TverleyeMay 19, 2011

    I can't resist Target. The sad part is that there is only one close enough for me to frequent so I know they're starting to recognize me. One of the cashiers got on to me the other day because I wasn't using any coupons and she KNOWS she gives me a lot. LOL 

  18.  I go to Target at least weekly to scope clearance.  I have an affair with Target!  I think what makes it so great is that the stuff is cute and if you like it...just wait a little and you can't get it on clearance which makes us love it even more.  Plus the layout is clean and simple to find stuff, unlike Walmart.

  19.  I don't know what it is about Target, but I'm totally addicted to it as well! My town has few stores to begin with, but Target has 987298734987x more appeal than Walmart and Shopko. Even when I head to my hometown where there are tons of shopping options, I always hit up the Target there. Love it! I'm not a big proponent for credit cards, but do you have theirs? 5% off everything all the time!


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