boots can be summer shoes

Jul 27, 2011

Cropped Shirt~ Selina, Dress~ Old Navy, Hat~Downeast Clothing, Boots~Ross

Do you wear boots in the summer??


  1. Chloe_rushworthJuly 27, 2011

    This dress is such a gorgeous colour.

    C x

  2. I wear boots year round! I think they look great as long as they aren't clearly wintery shoes...

  3. Well, I get enough boot wearing in during other seasons that i am strictly a sandals girl during the summer. You look great though!

  4. Definitely not-- it is 95 degrees here in NY! I love the look, though (just on others who aren't as hot as I am.)

  5. i wear snowboots every night here in the bay area! lol it gets cold at night but I don't know about any outfits that i can wear boots with yet. i will work on that and get back to you sophie haha

  6. sugarplumsaraAugust 03, 2011

     I love stripes with bright solids! and you're totally right, boots can be worn Anytime! you look adorable.


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