Jul 28, 2011

swaped and refashioned blouse, vintage necklace, Forever 21 flares, Dolce Vita  for Target wedges
so i totally got this top of zebra goodness at the blogger swapmeet up, only it used to be a huge dress
i attacked it with my scissors and used lizzies tutorial {what i had remembered any way} just a pinch longer...

so, i have suffered from debilitating migraines for years, pretty much non-stop pain everyday. it sucked. luckily i discovered chiropractic and some food allergies i never knew i had and i am all but cured!

...BUT every once and a while i get these screaming migraines that dont quit, this was one of those days...
SUPER grouchy about the whole thing... nasty mood, nothing is funny, EVERYONE is annoying

do you see how they bug me!

even though my sweet husband is super annoying, he did bring me a gift....

i never drink soda pop, but on days like this i need it and hubby really came through!
thanks love! {he's so romantic..}


ps... i am guest posting HERE its all about unexpected and maybe awesome styling....


  1. I suffered from migraines for YEARS. Caffeine actually helps. It opens up the blood vessels and lets the blood, and therefore, oxygen to your head. That's why Excedrin Migraine has always worked for me. It has caffeine in it, without me actually downing soda.

  2. Oh I know how you feel. I get migraines as well:( Ouch! I started chiropractic and a few diet changes and have been able to handle thing better. I just hope that I don't pass this on to my kids.

    love the dress turned top. I am going to have to try that out. Found your blog through another blogger and I am loving your sisterly blog!


  3. oh my gosh excedrine used to be the ONLY thing that would work for me!!!  sadly after a few years i became addicted to it {no joke} i would take between 6 and 8 of those suckers a day and i would still feel bad... and when i tried to stop taking it i would throw up all day long... i went through real withdrawls, it was pretty scary. i finally weened my self off of it {SO hard} and i feel tons better.. on days like this i just want to bust out the excedrine, it really did work, but i used and abused that stuff until it did more harm than good :( 

  4. migraines suck! i tell everyone to go to the chiro.. saved my life! but i was also addicted to excedrine, only when i got off of that stuff did i really start to feel better... i think my dad had migraines so it might be something we pass on... i wish i knew...

    which blogger? i love to find out where people come from!

  5. I love what you did with the dress! I brought that one and couldn't wait to see what someone did with it! Great job!

  6. I love your outfit! I REALLY REAAALLLY do!


  7. Aww!  I feel your pain...and have (ask Lizzie) since I was eight years old.  Daily.  Makes for a VERY crabby mom/granny.  Nothing like a hot or cold pack and a dark, quiet room.  I still can't believe you got some sewing done in spite of the pain.  That makes you The Amazing Selina - The Sewing Siren! Love you lots, Roxanne xoxo

  8. misslismarieAugust 04, 2011

    Oh I love what you did to the dress it makes a much better shirt.  So much talent.


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