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Jul 26, 2011

 ive gotta be honest...when i sew for the kids i usually choose everything the pattern and the fabric.. i really shouldnt be surprised that hardly any of my "masterpieces" have become favorites... until this sassy little number...
i let Cora dig in my fabric basket AND pick her favorite pattern... and would you believe it is now her very favorite dress! 

i am getting to the point with my little monsters where i have to let them choose their outfits and can i just say it kills me to relinquish control! {if i had it my way they would wear matching girly outfits everyday}

but look how happy her face is... i think i will let her choose more often!

Eva on the other hand announced to me that she was a "tom boy" so i said ok kid... if you say so..
the very next day she put together an outfit complete with pleated skirt, lacy cardigan and matching accessories...


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