Downtown Detroit...

Jul 21, 2011

Cory and i recently celebrated our
10 year
wedding anniversary... 
we thought it could be super fun to go just 10 mins away to the city of Detroit and pretend like we really went away... so we stayed at the Renaissance Marriot right on the water
we stayed on the 62nd floor of that cylinder building in the center... so beautiful...
of course it is super important to check out the room...
and the "facilities"...

then we went for a walk... the wrong shoes...

 we went to this gorgeous park near the hotel and across the water from Canada... i had to change my shoes before dinner cause i am a big dope and also kinda vain about my shoes...
so i switched to these... not much better, but we were taking the people mover {kinda like a subway} so i thought i could pull them off without killing myself...

turns out the next morning my tootsies were screamin' so i had to resort to these...
 i wore flats on the second day... its true.
but, we had 5guys for lunch... so i kinda didnt care, at least while i was enjoying my burger! ;)

...ok, can we just take a moment to talk about how handsome my husband is... and sweet, so sweet.
 yesterday i was grouching about everything {honestly i grouch about 2 weeks out of every month} and he said to me "sweetie, why dont we go out and get you a new outfit, would that make you feel better?" and do you know what, just saying that really did make me feel better {for a moment anyway} i couldn't help but smile at that man for knowing me so well... 

 oh, and just for kicks... whats wrong with this picture?

 i swear "The Spirit Of Detroit" has a loin cloth on, but we somehow make it look like we are strategically   blocking something... 



  1. I'm loving the pictures of the shoes :) and your nail polish is a great color :)

  2. thanks love! its MAC from their beach baby collection..

  3. Hautethrift LcJuly 21, 2011

    congrats on your 10 years!, that certainly is an awesome milestone. and umm.. tell ur hubs that he needs to write a book. ill tag and highlight the "take me shopping" part and slip it to my boyfriend. thanks!  lol

  4. You seriously went walking in these shoes? I love your evening shoes though, they look great. Where did u get them from? And your nail polish rocks too.

  5. margaret michelJuly 21, 2011

    Whoohoo! Congrats on the ten years! Really looks like you guys had fun. Totally loving your shoes.  Kind of wish I  had the ability to actually walk in heels without looking like a duck.  It's great to see another crafty blogger so close to my backyard! Well, actually 40 minutes from it...  but I can have a big backyard right? 

  6. Ahahahahahahaha! That pic is hilarious! Love the shoes too. Totally worth the pain. Happy anniversary!

  7. the first ridiculous pumps are Guess {and yes i am the idiot who walked in those!}, the wedges were a steal for $15 at Manic shoes in my mall {they have an awesome clearance rack!}... i dont remember the name of the polish, but it is MAC from their beach baby summer collection


  8. 40 mins!!! shut right up! i hardly ever meet commenters from around here {by "meet" i mean message... chit chat} where do you live? i am "downriver" as the Michiganders would say... i have lived here over 8 yrs now...


  9. i know right! he earned some serious browny points for that one!

  10. I love that you posted some fabulous shots of Detroit. It is so nice to show that it is really a fantastic place. I love visiting Detroit. I have been following for a little bit and didn't realize that you were in Michigan. I live near Ann Arbor:)



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