I've been up to no good

Jul 22, 2011

This is me less than a month ago on my birthday...

Recent birthday + Pregnant me + Hubs out of town= Thinking about shoe shopping more than I should.

Here's what I bought in a very shameful week and a half...

Toms~ Nordstrom
I just figured that these elf-like shoes would make my feet supremely happy...and they doooooo!

Combat boots~ Ross
I felt like a rock star in these and that is a hard thing to do these days.

Sandals~ Forever  21

Nude Pumps~ Target
These pretty's make my legs feel long and make me feel like a woman. so ... bam, BAM!

Well there it is.
 I feel gluttonous. 



  1. Danielle HolmJuly 22, 2011

    I shamefully covet those nude pumps! and I LOOOOVE TOMS! They also sell some darling wedges which will be my next TOMS purchase. I hear they are also very comfortable. 

  2. Congrats to you and your hubby, adore the F21 and yes very girly and cute.

  3. Kira AnjewierdenJuly 22, 2011

    I am in love with the pumps. :) I'm also guilty of purchasing TOMS in the last few weeks... They're like walking on expensive clouds...

  4. TOMS are amazing!  The first time I put them on it felt like I was bouncing on those reused tire blacktops they use on a lot of playgrounds now.  :)


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