a tiny maxi....

Jul 19, 2011

 when i was visiting Sophie she handed me a pile of clothes from her refashion pile and told me what she wanted to do with them... so i got to work...

this was my favorite transformation! she thrifted an empire waist tube top in a super cute print that she invisioned as a baby maxi dress.. 

here is the before picture...
 i basically just took in the sides to fit my shrimpy little niece Eden and used the extra fabric for the straps...
       look at that face!

so easy it kills me... and eden loved it so much she wore it for 3 days straight!

 see how stylish she is! she even realizes the importance of accessories!

and just for kicks some dance party pictures...
they were doings some "floor work" to "Baby" by the Biebs... a talented group these three...

Sweet Serendipity


  1. I love her maxi dress! How cute! It looks great on her!

  2. ooo, the only thing I love more than a pregnant lady in a maxi (um..weird thing to love??) is a little girl in a maxi. Soo cute!

  3. Now I remember why I miss having a sweet little girl around. Grandma only gets to babysit or "borrow" to play with her grandchildren.  Thanks for letting them feel so grown up and part of your exciting blog.  These are memories that will never dim!  Oh, and by the way, Lizzie's brother wanted to know about the hubbies and if they still have a blog.  Do they?  Love you lots and lots! Rox xoxox

  4. how cute
    i love it more in the tiny style


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