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Jul 16, 2011

i am obsessed with a bright crazy lip lately... it lust makes me feel finished, ya know, like put together...  
sophie's dress, Dog Chain Necklace, skirt made by me, Forever 21 belt, BCBG shoes
i am wearing Sophie's dress as a top.. it would fit perfectly but it is too short, i am gonna have to put my refashioning thinking cap on so i can wear it as a dress...
in the mean time though i am loving it as a top!
so, my best buddy Syd is in town and we are having so much fun doing pretty much nothing... we watched the first half of harry potter 7 last night and plan on ditching my sweet hubby with the kids so we can see part 2 tonight... kind of excited!{although lets be honest if it were Breaking Dawn i would have been in line thurs night for the midnight showing...}

either way i am a big geek. SURPRIZE!

as a kid i would pretend like stuff like this didn't get me totally excited, like i was cool enough to not really care but secretly i really did {i secretly played with Barbies till the ripe old age of 13 after all}

i am hoping we will see a longer breaking dawn trailer at the Harry Potter movie... um i mean i hope Ron and Hermiony finally make out... i mean....
i'm a geek.

what do you "geek" over?



  1. Definetly geek over Star Wars (:

  2. I am a Harry Potter geek for sure! And I must admit that I was sad when I was too old for barbies. lol

  3. totally geek over twilight. slightly embarrassing but oh so true!

  4. Eliza BargerJuly 18, 2011

    I was the girl in line in costume Thursday night for the midnight showing and I love it. It may be different for you but we didn't see the Breaking Dawn trailer :( enjoy the film.

  5. MissRockwellJuly 20, 2011

    I geek over office supplies and the book section at the thrift store. How typical, huh?


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