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Jul 23, 2011

Hair cut~ Sister #4
Highlights~ Sister #1
Training to do either of these things~ NONE

I am not picky about my hair which is probably why we have all been experimenting on it since we were 13. Does it always turn out amazing? no. But more often than not my sisters get it just right.

A belly shot for ya!

Thanks Selina and Elise!


  1. love this outfit! wish I could pull off boots like that :)

  2. I've been doing my own hair for the longest time. From a pixie cut to bangs, and everything in between. Before that, my mom did my hair.

    As you said, it does not always turn out right. But I add: at least you don't spend a butt-load of money for it not to turn out right! I've paid to have disasters done to my hair and I was very unhappy. That's why I'm happier doing it myself. :) Plus I enjoy doing it.


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots


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