a mini diva photo shoot...

Oct 14, 2011

goodness gracious am i ever in trouble,
these two little monsters decided to pick out their own outfits including accessories....
and they have their very own ideas about what a "cool" picture looks like...

the Fashion model pose...
{which obviously includes a grouchy face and a far off stare}

and then we got a little crazy....

 gotta show the clothes... model 101

Evas look...
walmart tee, hand-me-down puffer vest, skirt made by me {last seen HERE}, hand-me-down leggings, Dollar Castle socks, Thrifted and embelished shoes, Walgreens feather extension, Clares earrings, bracelets ?

Coras look...
Target sequined tank, Target military jacket, Old Navy shorts, Old Navy boots,  Walgreens feather extension,  dress up glasses {last seen HERE}
 and just because im sure you all haven't seen enough...

 ...i really can't believe they haven't been discovered yet! 



  1. Kayla ContrerasOctober 14, 2011

    They coordinate! I'm impressed

  2. let me start off by telling you I'm known for not really liking children...But this. This is freaking adorable! These girls are awesome!

  3. Alicia EnglishOctober 14, 2011

    They are the cutest little girls ever! They remind me of myself when I was that age! Always dressing in clothes and getting my mom to take my picture!!! I DID THIS ALL THE TIME! Great blog! Following you! Follow me on
    Forget me not, 

  4. Erin_PlusSizedPrettyOctober 14, 2011

    I see some very successful style bloggers here! ;) 

  5. Love it!  I miss those girls!  Eva looks like Olivia in that first pic.  And I love all of their poses.  Especially the one of Eva, doing her Eva look, with her crazy sister climbing on the for sale sign in the background!  HA!

  6. Lauren NoakesOctober 15, 2011

    Love it!


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