A very Merry Christmas from Shabby Apple!

Dec 26, 2011

hey guess what guys?!!!!!
 Shabby Apple loved giving away the francine skirt so much they decided to do another give away

AND give you all a 10% off coupon code!
P A R T Y!
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We love this vintage inspired Moon River Dress

everytime i go on Shabby Apple i get lost in the sea of gorgeous womens dresses in flattering and modest cuts... i could browse forever!

cute huh? and i can picture it with one of those teeny hats with the tulle that you pin on... totally cute!

alright gals, you know the drill
"LIKE" Shabby Apple on facebook and leave us a comment that you did and where you would wear your Moon River Dress...

 your coupon code is
10% off!!!
its good for 30 days so hop to it!

 there is a super fun sale going on that you totally need to check out!
if you enter the code WINTERSALE at check out you will get an additional 20% off sale prices AND free shipping, but hurry because free shipping ends when this year does...

Merry Christmas beauties!

Selina, Sophie, Livi and Elise


  1. Chelsey LarsenDecember 26, 2011

    OOooh! I liked them! Because I love me some Shabby Apple! There swimwear is fantastic.
    Seriously love this dress though. I'd wear it a lot, but I would definitely have to do a fun little vintage inspired photoshoot with a photographer friend. Red lipstick and pin curls and everything :)

  2. RwvanvoorhisDecember 26, 2011

    so cute! i have no idea where i would wear it but i am sure i could find a place! even if it was the grocery, it would have to be worn out!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com 

  3. Shabby Apple is hands down one of my favorite online shops! Such beautiful pieces! My husband and I are getting pictures taken to replace the fact that we never got ours from our wedding photographer--I'd love a killer dress like this for them plus a sexy date afterwards :)

  4. Liked Shabby Apple (a long time ago) on FB. I would probably need to throw a dinner party to have an occasion to wear it!

  5. Love it! And I like Shabby Apple on FB :)

  6. Shabby Apple is a new like! I would have worn it to Christmas Eve service, but another similar shindig is sure to be around the corner.

  7. I liked them on Facebook. And I'd wear it for a semi-formal at BYU :)

  8. I liked Shabby Apple on FB. I would wear that cute dress to a funeral with big sunglasses. Luckily I don't have a funeral to attend, but can you picture it? Me too!

  9. Danielle StephensDecember 27, 2011

    I liked them!! I would wear this dress out with the girls! For fun drinks! Then back to my house to watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's"! Thats what this dress TOTALLY reminds me of!!

  10. I already like 'em! :) I'd wear it for New Year's Eve!

  11. Jennifer ReevesDecember 27, 2011

    I liked them on FB :)  I'd wear it to church on Sunday and make all the other ladies jealous!!  ;)

  12. i liked them :) I would wear this on a date night.... somewhere candlelit and elegant.

  13. I like Shabby Apple on FB!

  14. I already like Shabby Apple on FB.  Love the dress.  Would definitely wear it to a wedding or out for a fancy date with my husband!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! This amazingly classic dress reminds me of the current TV show Pan Am's style that I am so very much in love with. I would wear it to a New Year's Eve party with an abundance of sparkly accessories.

    PS I "liked" Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  16. Just have to say, I've spent the last thirty minutes browsing their site, pinning my favorites, facebooking the site, and falling in love. The Bonheur reminds me of the dress Diane Lane wears in Under the Tuscan Sun when she visits the Italian coast for the second time. The Bonheur takes my breath away.

  17. LIKED On Facbeook!
    I would wear it.. on a night out with the boyfriend. He'd think I looked dang gooood (;

  18. I've liked them on fb for awhile. I LOVE this dress. I would probably add one of my cardigans and rock this to church...and maybe a dinner date :)

  19. so cute!

  20. liked.  i would wear this dress out to a fancy dinner!

    dashdotdotty at gmail dot com

  21. Liked them on facebook. I would wear it on a fancy date with my husband :)


  22. I've liked them! I would wear it to my birthday early this year - swish cocktails are needed with it I think!

  23. I would wear this to a wedding reception I have coming up! Or some other kind of fancy party :) Liked on FB! 


  24. I love this dress and I liked Shabby Apple on Fb. 

    This dress would be darling to wear to  my "It only gets better with age..." birthday this year!

  25. Love this dress & all things vintage-inspired! I would have to find some special occasion to wear it to...or just wear it around the house while I cook & clean :) I liked S.A. on Facebook.

  26. I liked Shabby Apple on Fb.

    I would be wearing this dress a lot - to work, dates whit my husband, theater... 


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