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Jul 18, 2013

 Eva has always been a kid who does things her own way... and in her own time, we call it "Eva time" {in kindergarten it LITERALLY took her 35 actual minutes to put her name on her paper}
she is also kind of awesome... I'm really not just saying that cause I'm her mom
i wish i was like her when i was a kid
You CAN NOT embarass this kid, its impossible...
 i was super shy until i was probably 9, and even after that i was cautious and always thinking everyone was looking, i was the opposite of a carefree child!
for example in 3rd grade i was so embarassed about tracing my bare foot on a paper plate that i nearly puked... i was sure my feet were weird and that everyone was looking....

... not Eva, anything for a laugh
I'm not sure exactly why i was like that as a child because I'm not at all like that now... {i am the queen of TMI with a side of flared nostril-snort-laugh}
i just wish i had figured out back then what Eva always knew...
Nobody is ever laughing AT you if you are laughing first!


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  1. carrie dimasJuly 31, 2013

    Eva is a perfect example of Kindness, Laughter,
    Beauty inside and out. Love you Angel granddaughter. Love YaYa


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