Cora's knees...

Aug 10, 2013

I found these sweet little neon orange skinny jeans at the thrift store and just knew Cora had to have them... I mean, totally her favorite color... I couldn't pass them up! Only two teeny flaws...
They came with some stained up knees...
 ...and friends, lets be frank, I KNEW I wasn't gonna be able to get those stains out! {I guess I really mean I wasn't willing to figure out how, and would rather spend hours painting teeny patterns on teeny knees while watching back to back episodes of Smash!} 

 {and yes, there is an easier way to do this... the pretty life girls know whats up, check out their stencil technique  i literally, unknowingly, ripped off this idea from them, when you see the color and design of the leggings they used you will get an idea of how many times i probably pinned them on pinterest...}

Just like new!

it wont be long before Cora stains up the knees of another pair of pants... maybe leather patches next time?? is it strange that i cant wait for her to ruin another pair of pants? i should just go thrifting and get this crafty streak out of my system!

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  1. Amanda A :)August 11, 2013

    Great idea! My daughter would love a pair like these. She has some that she's messed up herself and scrubbing doesn't always fix the issue. Your cutie is working those skinnies!


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