The "winter" collection

Dec 7, 2009

Every time i step into my shoe closet there is usually some sort of choir singing "aaaah" because the sight of my collection is quite inspiring, occasionally a spotlight will come out of nowhere illuminating just the pair that i need to wear. Alas, winter has reared its unfashionable head in the state of MI. So what if there isn't even snow on the ground, I can't risk destroying my purple suede booties! As far as i am concerned if the sky is gray my shoes can not be guaranteed protection from the elements.

It seems i have 2 choices;

#1 limit my shoe choices to a measly 25% of my collection (absolutely tragic)
#2 Wear horrible ugly flat boots to and from my car and change into delicious drool-worthy shoes when i get where i am going.

Both plans are flawed, i know. What will i do with my stupid, ugly flat boots? How could i possibly limit my choices to 25%? HELP!!!!!
~deep cleansing breaths~
i'm ok......
i could try to distract myself with end of season clearance and online shoe shopping... but those beautiful shoes would have to wait months for their chance to be showcased....
...i think i'll just hibernate until "fabulous-shoe-season" comes back...

here is a pic of my latest obsession (Santa, i have been mostly good, some of the year..)
don't drool on my blue suede beauties ladies, if you want these google carlos santana shoes they come in 4 colors and happen to be 20% off! ~sis#1


  1. Oh how wonderful! I love a good boot.
    PS you need to get some flat leather boots with a traction on the bottom then you can toss your ugaly snow boots and still feel cute.
    yes I said FLAT.

  2. one more time, did you say FLAT? i resent that remark.... you know how i feel about that level of shoe....
    my "moon" boots are as cute as snow boots get (which by the way, they AREN'T)
    and you are right, even if i get those beautiful boots for christmas i couldn't even wear them because they are suede and i would ruin them :(

  3. i got my flat boots! they are sort of beautiful and rock all at the same time (for flats)


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