a blast from the past...

Jun 22, 2010

 the 'SISTERS' 6 years ago... yikes...


NOW... (well last year anyway..)

well, i'm going on the road...
 i will see these crazy people in about 2 days... 
wish me luck and pray that Cora doesn't puke in the car...

i can't wait to see my fam!

~Selina (sis#1)


  1. Sent you a fashion award for all your great ideas. Come get it....


  2. Aw have fun girl! I will miss knowing you are right down the road! As for Cora puking in the car....well, you know how I feel about that!

  3. Sorry Meg, but we are soooo excited she is coming our way!! :)

  4. You should try to recreate that first picture when you see them. It would be fun to look at a then and now in the same pose. Plus, it's such a cute pose!!

    Have fun with your family.


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