I give up.

Jun 26, 2010

Okay, I was going to show you how I altered this shirt... and tell you all how EASY it was
but I can't LIE....
It was hard.
I was sweating and concentrating and it was not easy...
So, there will be no tutorial on how to adjust an off-the-shoulder flash dance style T-shirt (3 dollars on clearance @ American Eagle) into a fabulous modest Tee.
No, not today.

Did I mention that I hate working what ever slinky jersey knit-ish fabric this shirt was made out of?? 

PS- There was a seam right along the top of the shoulder and I just took it up a inch and a half...........SOUNDS easy enough.


  1. You girls have a fabulous blog! Now following.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  2. Soph! These are SUCH cute pictures of you! I love you and all your fashion amazingness! :)

  3. You made a great attempt and tried! That is an accomplishment.
    Jersey is a very difficult fabric to work on, especially if it is also made of polyester. When you sew on it again, make sure you have a ball point or jersey sewing needle in your machine. This will keep the stitches from skipping. Pining tissue paper or scraps from a pattern border to the seam will also make it easier to work with. Sew through the tissue and then pull it away from the seam. Using ball point pins can also help.
    Why ball points? Because they don't cut the fabric threads or bounce off (skip). The slide beside the threads into the spaces.
    Keep sewing and don't give up. Get a good instruction book or a mentor to give you advice.
    Family and Consumer Science Teacher


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