Make a Onsie more FUN: Part 1

Jun 3, 2010

I love how easy a Onsie is to throw on, especially in warm weather! They are just so plain though, it makes me feel like my baby is still in her PJ's.
Solution: A felt applique of course!!

Step 1: Cut out a pattern/Shape/number/letter.
Step 2: Using fabric glue, attach the applique out to the Onsie.
Step 3: With a needle and thread do a basic stitch around the outer rim of your applique.

All done!
 I made this shirt the same way for my daughter to cheer on her Daddy.
The GREAT news is I have washed this shirt about 20 times (In the washing machine and dryer!) and it still looks great:)


  1. Love! Good to know that they hold up in washer/dryer!


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