Happy Birthday to me...

Jul 21, 2010

Sister #3 made this for me.... I LOVE it! Soft leather cord looped through a gold chain to look like barbed wire!!
Too fantastic for words.
Sister #1 made this for me....
Oh the delicious bead work that I will never have the patience to do!
So amazing!

Sister # 4 (and my mom) got me a sweet black and grey striped Cardi with a sheer black lace cut out in the back. A great deal they found at TJ Maxx.

Thank you sisters my birthday was fabulous!



  1. Wow, beautiful! Happy Birthday!!

  2. Wow those are so beautiful! I'm jealous that my sisters don't give me handmade sparkly things on my birthday. Lucky girl:)

  3. stunning beaded necklace! would love a tutorial on that...:)

  4. happy birthday! :) what beautiful gifts!

  5. You gals are an amazingly talented bunch! I wish I had people in my life to make me pretty things! I guess I'll just have to be the maker of things for other people always! Happy Birthday! I hope your day is full of fabulousness!

    Check out my beginners blog if you have a chance!


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