Jul 27, 2010

We didn't take many pictures together but we do have these! 
This proves we got to see each other this month.

Ok, I know our brother Mitchell is making a not-so-happy face in this picture but don't you think he looks like a Jonas brother or Zac Efron????
I think he is the cutest 17 year old EVER!
and I kind of want his blazer...
And the pretty lady on the end is our mom, although she blends in like another sister!

Michigan is too far away! Sister #1 could you try to someday move closer, okay?
PS- I am wearing her shoes and they weren't as "EASY" to walk in as she claimed... I did feel fabulous though so I guess that makes up for it.

That reminds me of a story...

 I am a dancer but that hasn't ever made me more coordinated.  In fact I would not consider myself coordinated with regular things at all. This April at my husbands graduation I was wearing these YUMMY Banana Republic high heel boots (found at ROSS... I know!) 
As we were being seated at a restaurant my ankle rolled and I fell forward to catch myself, instead of gracefully stepping to the side I did some crazy arm flailing like Wiley Coyote on the edge of a giant cliff. The sad part is my flailing stupid arms didn't even save me, I still landed on my my hands and knees like an idiot in front of the entire restaurant.

Now EVERYONE saw it.
They are not sure if they should laugh.
I am crying (with tears of laughter) 
Some giggle.... and others wonder if I am handicapped.

We are seated at the opposite end of the restaurant and I realize I have to pee.
As I make the walk of shame past everyone to the bathroom I start replaying it over in my mind and laughing out loud.
At this point I am a handicapped Lunatic...



Will I stop wearing heals?




  1. Haha I have way too many stories that are similiar. Why can't I just make a fool of myself when no one is looking?

  2. Great story! Cracked me up! Favorite line "At this point I am a handicapped Lunatic..." The best!


  3. ha ha I have a love hate relationship with heels. So pretty yet so painful.

  4. You girls are all gorgeous and Mitchell is a doll! Sorry Soph, Selina can't move because I need her here but you are MORE than welcome to move closer to us!
    And as for your story, I was sitting at my computer laughing out loud, you are hilarious!!

  5. AnonymousJuly 28, 2010

    Soph I love it. You are hilarious, and I love you in all your handicapped lunatic glory! Own it ha ha ha
    ps. love the heals.

  6. can I be adopted...and i am so kicking myself for missing your giveaway!!!!

  7. Most gorgeous family ever!!

  8. You girls are BEAUTIFUL... and AWESOME... Awesomely beautiful!!! You were wondering who reads your blog? I just wanted to tell you that I DO!! I just happened to stumble upon it and I'm SO glad I did. It's kinda weird, but I absolutely LOVE reading about all of you -- and found myself sitting here smiling as I read!! (Except for the restaurant story, which made me literally LOL! btw... I do shit like that, too!!)

    Maybe the reason I so enjoy all of you is 'cuz I'm an 'only child'... So, reading about a big family -- especially where you all seem so close and happy... the way families should be -- gives me "warm fuzzies"!!

    ALSO, your tutorials are really GREAT! And I can't wait to try some of them. A big THANK-YOU for sharing them here. Okay, Sisters... bye for now. I'll be checking back I'm sure. Anjela

    ps) Your beautiful Mama absolutely looks like a 5th sister!! How does she look SO FANTASTIC after all those kids!!?!?!? "magic" HA!


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