DIY: Whimsical baby style

Aug 26, 2010

 Little Lacey Shirt:
You will need~ A foot and a half of lace. Acrylic felt (the felt that come in sheets at craft stores for $0.35), thread that matches the lace. & a shirt with a logo you aren't crazy about.

I found 5&1/2 yards of double layered cream lace for 2 dollars at a thrift store and I was dying to embellish something with it...

SO .. I cut up 4 pieces that got gradually smaller then sewed them on with a tight zig zag stitch. I used felt to go on the inside of the shirt opposite to where I was sewing so all the stitching didn't weaken the fabric. I cut out a bib shape of felt about the size of my lace embellishment then trimmed the edges when I finished sewing the lace on.
EASY right? ... lets be honest I don't like doing projects that aren't.

Whenever I shop for my 11 month old I love finding for things I would wear...
For example: (this shirt is last season so not available online anymore)
 When you find something you like try recreating it in your own way.
This website is full of the CUTEST clothes for tiny people we're talkin lots of inspiring stuff.

Including the coveted baby bloch ballet shoes!
Love. Love. Love.

Want. Want....NEED.


  1. you guys. this blog is AWESOME. i want to do a post on favorite sites and link here...

  2. I love the top, simple and adorable!!

  3. I was given a blog with substance award, and was allowed to chose 10 other blogs to give one to. I hope you stop by my blog to pick yours up.



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