Sep 27, 2010

I love a deal. I mean I really love a deal.
Today I got a DEAL.

I returned a shirt I got at Old Navy,
 It was 10.50.

In return I got all this...
and $1.82 back.
5 dresses and 8 pairs of shoes. Dresses: .97 cents each. Shoes: .47 cents each.
I was DYING!!!
I mean I practically just stole clothes and shoes. This was a STEAL!
I am all stocked up for next summer and for the summer after that AND I am giving shoes to all my sisters and my mom.
These were my favorite!

So here's how it went down. Lady in front of me in line flies by me and says "The cashier says that all these dresses are .97 cents!"  I quickly follow her to the dresses. We sit there with 2 other women looking through dresses in AWE of the deal... we are instantly friends.
I get back in line. A girl who I had spoken to earlier about sandals walks up to me with her arms full. "You better go back to the sandals they are all .47 cents!" Another new friend. So, I tell my new dress friend about what my new shoe friend just said and we shuffle our carts over to the shoes. I am closest to the shoes and I ask my new friend her shoe size so I can start throwing shoes back to her.

Right now I have the opposite of buyers remorse.....I have buyers joy.

So I guess the sale was an hourly sale and later that day the shoes and dresses went up to 1.97 but still... that is a GREAT deal.

 I got some dresses that were shorter summer dresses in a size large so I can take them in and make them knee length.
Here is the neck of the pretty blue dress I am so excited to work with.
Happy bargain hunting!


  1. Unbelievable! What amazing shopping karma you had today. Lucky!

  2. What the heck!? I so want to raid our Old Navy to see if they have anything remotely this good tomorrow!

  3. And you didn't call or text me because....

  4. Oh my gosh that's ridiculous! Tell me which one you go to...now:) I love me a steal.

  5. i just died. so. dang. lucky. :)

  6. NO WAY!!! My heart started racing as I read it! GOOD FOR YOU!!! And I love making bargain friends!

  7. ****************It was the American Fork Utah Old Navy****************

  8. how funny would it be if you guys all went and like all these bloggers met in person over 47cent shoes! i wish i was there!


  9. That is super crazy awesome! I wish I had your luck in finding super cute deals like that!

  10. Wow! This is AMAZING!!! and would so happen to Sophie.. You are a bargainista!!!

  11. GREAT shopping Karma! I am soooooo in awe of your fabulous finds! whoo hoo!


  12. WHAT. My jaw dropped when I was reading this! Jealousy over your 97 cent dresses and 47 cent shoes!! Great, great finds!

  13. that makes me so jealous! I love old navy...I love sales even more. I get the most compliments off of this one pair of sandals I got at TJ MAxx for like a buck fifty.


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