Wedding shoes

Oct 18, 2010

Fancy shoes!

Today was my best friends wedding! I got to wear my super cute Shabby Apple dress and...
...some really cute shoes!

I found these shoes at Plato's Closet for 12 dollars, Thanks to some store credit from my husbands old clothes I got them for 1.60!!

I decided I wanted them to be a little more fun so I played around with some lace to make a bow and hot glued three big (fake) pearls in the center.

Next I took a strip of felt...
Glued one end to the back of my bow...

looped it through the toe...
dabbed a bit of hot glue on my felt tab and placed the bow on top...
...and all done!
They were comfy and the best part is I didn't ruin the shoe with any hot glue, when I feel like changing it up I can just cut the felt off!!

I loved wearing them all day! Geeze I love weddings!
Check out her dress.



  1. wow so simple to do..but they looked amazing! Great idea!

  2. Wow I love that idea and that you can just change it up whenever you want. You are so creative, and you look way hot in that dress!! (I just got a Shabby Apple dress and I'm really sad because it doesn't fit right.)

    Modest Apple -- A Fashion Blog

  3. Oh my...that dress is gorgeous!

    I love your outfit as well. Your creativity with the shoes is inspiring. I would never have looked at those shoes and thought, "How can I spruce these up?" Nice job.

  4. Sophie!! they turned out sooo good! loved seeing you this weekend :) can't wait til next time!!

  5. Grat work on shoos. And dress is amazing.

  6. I own this dress, it. And what you did with the shoes is great!
    Kristina J.

  7. OK that dress is amazing. Weddings always make me want another one so I can wear a new dress...sigh.

    When I saw those shoes, I first thought: Cute! Then though: I could totally get that look with a shoe clip. Shoulda known you were waaaaaaaaay ahead of me!


  8. Wow! Great dress, great shoes and a great idea to pimp them.
    Scottisch greetings

  9. WOW! What a cute way to jazz up a pair of shoes! LOVE IT!

    Just Better Together

  10. love the shoes!

    both your dress and the wedding gown are breathtaking! :)

    thanks for sharing!

  11. You looked so great in that cute vibrant color dress. I have a wedding to go to next month and i've been thinking i need to buy new black shoes. I might just spice them up with this idea. Her wedding dress is so unique. It's beautiful!!!

  12. I love your dress and shoes!! Great outfit. The bride's gown is so awesome, too!

  13. I love it!!! You totally amped up those shoes. And that dress is AMAZING!!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  14. YOUR SHOES WERE SO CUTE, I LOVED THEM (Caps intended)! You looked so pretty and were the best MOH EVER! Love ya!


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