twinkle toes

Dec 13, 2010

Aren't shiny shoes the most fun!!? 
They make me want to DANCE!!!....(especially since I just saw The Nutcracker!!)
I always leave performances wanting to jump on stage again!
Here is a pic from my college days ...I wonder if my legs can do that still?
Right now I teach dance and I love it.  I mean who wouldn't love helping 3 year olds find rhythm or making up competition dances for teens?  I decided dance will be something I will never grow out of... 
 After all, should you ever grow out of something you Love?
I believe if you love something you should do it.
If you like dance do it (even if you are 26 and have never taken a class before), if you like red lipstick wear some, and if you want short hair cut it.

I feel like a Nike ad...
Purple blouse: Vera Wang for Khols 4.95
Hounds tooth pencil skirt: From Jenna (bestie)
Green tights: Target 3.00
Silver shiny shoes: Thrifted J.Crew 4.00 (LOVE EM!)

Sending out lots of love,


  1. Honestly, how cute are you? Especially in the third pic! :D
    Really love your attitude, you are so right, just do it!
    (AND: fabulous shoes, of course!!)

  2. Yall's (I'm form Texas) blog looks great!! Awesome job!!

  3. Um I wonder if my legs could ever do that...I am the least flexible person.ever. I think Simply Vera sales at Khol's are a complete hidden treasure. They always have awesome 80% off stuff and it's so cute. Also. I want shiny shoes!!

  4. You could SO still do that! Me..well, I will never and have never, bummer!

    PS- my skirt has never looked so cute! Looks great with that purple shirt!

  5. Oh I forgot... I LOVE your lipstick! duh!

  6. umm, that last pic is nuts! love it!

    great post with some great things to say! (oh and the clothes, can't forget the clothes!)


  7. What a beautiful outfit! You look so pretty! I love pencil skirts. Your dancing pic is wild! :)

    I totally agree with your thoughts... if you like it, do (or wear) it! :)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  8. I love kohls finds!! Love it!! Also love this outfit, it's so fabulous. The shoes is such an awesome find!! ALSO LOVE LOVE LOVE The new blog design. You girls are just too cute!! :)

  9. you're amazing!

    Just Better Together is having 2 giveaways!

  10. I'm dying over your shiny J.Crew shoes! Plus, your entire outfit is stunning!

  11. High five for doing what you love!

  12. That tilt penche is beautiful Sophie, what an awesome picture, thank you for posting it!

    I just took a leave to stay home with my boys full time, but I taught contemporary and ballet for the last 5 years. I was also a choreographer for the competition team. I've danced all my life, and I agree, even though I'm not "dancing" right now, I think dance will be a part of my life forever.

    My boys love it! I'm constantly doing pirouettes and stuff in the kitchen, they get a big kick out of it. Just the other day I was "tapping" in my socks and I finally figured out how to do wings! I'm not sure how I could never figure that out, but I think it's because my forte was ballet/lyrical/contemporary. And now my 4 year old son is always putting on my tap shoes and telling me he's going to teach me how to dance = )


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