can we talk about these shoes for a sec?

Aug 4, 2011

i have been drooling over these lace up wonders for months now... but i am cheap, so i willed myself to forget about them, and Kohls altogether really {cause i can do damage in that place, let me tell you!}

but guess what friends?

i went back a few days ago and found them for $8 !!!

yep, nearly peed my pants when i saw the sticker!!!

i like to call it "Clearance Carma"
{yes... with a "c"}

i have a theory that if you try really hard to be good and not spend money, that it will come back around and you will get an even better deal, or find a better shoe etc...

Kohls top, necklace made by me, Target jeggings, thrifted clutch, Simply Vera for Kohls lace up wedges

something else cool that happened today...

i woke up this morning to find 4 garbage bags full of super cute girl clothes and shoes {from my stylish sis-in-law i later found out} just sitting on my front porch! and can i tell you what great taste she has...  "clearance carma"!  its school shopping time and she just saved me big bucks!
Love you Heather!



  1. LOVE me some Kohls!!  You know it's my guilty pleasure.  I will take full responsibility for any sort of addiction you may have as I am pretty sure it started with me.  :)  And I would also love if I woke up to garbage bags full of clothes for my beauties, seriously awesome!!

  2. toriraddayAugust 04, 2011

    Wow! Love those shoes, 8 dollars is a great price:)

  3. Crazy carma! What an amazing steal. Those shoes will serve you well, I think.

    Rebecca {hearts} Salt Lake City

  4. I love that theory! I am going to have to head to Kohl's. I have been avoiding it for the same reasons you have but that it to good of a deal to pass up!


  5. you should know that it is, in fact, entirely your fault i am addicted! ;) {thanks girl!}

  6. fashionably hijabeeAugust 04, 2011

    going to

  7. Rachel LukeAugust 04, 2011

    Hooray for fabulous finds! (:


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