blue... take 2

Oct 5, 2011

thrifted jacket, Walmart button down, Express jeans {thrifted}, Old Navy shoes,westergard earrings, Lia Sophia bracelet, Wet Seal ring
another day where i thought i would try to wear all the blue i could find...

this outfit lasted about as long as it took to take these pictures... i cant help it if i love stretchy pants... my next outfit was actually cuter, stretchier and thrown together {and of course not photographed}

is this one of those moments where you go
"you know you're a style blogger when..."

or "you know you are a big time dork when..."

i could make long lists for both.

 on a side note
i have been rocking electric yellow eyeshadow lately and i kind of dig it
i guess this make-up would NOT be considered on trend for fall, unless you count that leaves turn yellow...



  1. Did you know that "" doesn't just sell adorable nightwear, but PAJAMA JEANS!  Totally stretchy and comfy but with the look of real jeans.  Check them out.  They also come in an adorable hat box.  It's a bedtime paradise! Love you lots! xoxo

  2. Jtaylors1stgirlOctober 05, 2011

    You are totally rockin this outfit, stretchy or not, lady! Love it!

  3. Rachel LukeOctober 05, 2011

    HOT,girl!!!!!!!!!! HOT!

  4. sugarplumsaraOctober 07, 2011

    first of all I LOVE your new header!!  you all look fantastic and amazingly stylish. second of all great outfit girlfriend! In my opinion there can never be too much blue. I love that we share a love of blazers. you always have the cutest ones on! and hey charlotte russe has some Very similar booties on sale right here-->


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