Nov 14, 2011

I have a confession:
I took a shower and blew my hair dry and put on make up before going to the hospital.

The day of delivery I was confessing my vanity to the nurse and she told me of a lovely couple who where a bit more vain than me...

The husband kept checking himself out and primping in the mirror that is used for the wife to watch the delivery. The nurse also mentioned that he had some super embellished pockets and was very "well groomed".
Lastly the nurse told me that the wife exclaimed while in labor, "I hope she is as pretty as me!"

After telling me that I didn't feel so bad about a little make up;)

Here's some pics of little mister:


ps~ The glamour defiantly wore off and I spent the entire week make-upless...
mostly due to the non-stop crying that was going on. Motherhood has it's fun!
I get baby blues really bad... you can read about that here.
pss~ Who thought to call it "baby blues" anyway?  That makes it sound like a cute shade that you might want to use to paint the walls of a nursery...not at all close to what it feels like.


  1. He is just every kind of lovely!

  2. hes so purty!!!  and i dont think thats 'vain'   i did the same with my second baby and i felt so much better.  you feel gross, dirty, exposed, all that when you have a baby espically in a hospital setting.  there is nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to take care of yourself before!!!!

  3. He is so so so cute!
    And there is nothing wrong with wanting to be pretty during labor, but wow that couple..... kind of worried about their kid if it's not up to their standards!

  4. Ha Ha- Totally not vain! A friend of mine did the same thing. I myself was in too much pain when I left the house to worry about makeup.

    He's absolutely perfect :)

  5. Miss_Melissa_BNovember 15, 2011

    Baby Benson is fantastic! The vain couple though-oy! I hope their child IS pretty, because something tells me the poor thing would have absolutely no self worth if she didn't live up to Mommy's standards. It's sad, really. :( 

  6. What a cute name for a cute baby! :)

    That's not vain, lol! I say, that if something is going to make you feel exhausted like giving birth, you might as well give yourself the comfort of lookin chic, right?!

  7. He's adorable!! Congrats! As to the vain comment, your not vain, just know of the pics coming your way and you don't want to look back and cringe more than you have to!! BTW, I showered, made the face up and blew dried as well. The whole showering while doubling over in contraction pain is its own reward!! After one of my births, the nurse walked in as I was touching up my face (getting the sweaty shine off and putting lip gloss on to give my parched lips a human look) and I apologized for my vain side as well. We gotta do what we gotta do!! After we pop that baby out, we are basically forgotten anyway!!!


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