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Aug 19, 2010

i love the little boys section!!!  i know we have said it already but the "little bro blazer" is so much fun! 
this one just killed me!
as soon as i saw it i blasted out a pic to my sisters for their fashionable opinions...

i mean come on now, its deliciously gaudy...

MORE color please!
my fushia earings were screaming my name all the way home from the store
(Guess, Ross $3)

my cobalt blue boys suit jacket cost me $3,
salvation army

my jeans were $6, 
macys clearance

my shoes....
(i know, i see my stupid camera strap shadow...)

ahhh... shoes...
these beauties are forever 21 and i paid full price (i know, i am ashamed) a whopping $24... but i LOVE them! i couldn't have another "shoe remorse" moment and these remind me of the one that got away.
the whole outfit....
 oh why can't i take a stupid pic of myself... 
you get the idea...

happy hunting!

~selina (sis#1)

question for our super cool folowers...

Make-up tutorials?
if so, what types of looks do you want to learn?


  1. You look stunning!!! Great finds! I love the color combo you are wearing! I want a little bro blazer but unfortunately i'm not small enough for one...its okay though because I am working on that! Oh and your makeup looks beautiful! I love playing with makeup. Its one of my faves! Thanks for sharing your finds!
    -Danielle from Positively Positive!

  2. selina, awesome job you make a mother proud you look gorgeous, and you are so cheap. I mean your outfit. Wicked cute.
    Love Mom

  3. Awesome awesome awesome finds! Especially the little bro blazer. I have been a thrifter ever since I can remember and believe it or not I have NEVER shopped in the little boys section. Genius!

    Make-up tutorials = awesome. I STINK at doing my own make-up!


  4. Wow, you look fabulous!! I heart the boots.

  5. make-up tutorials -- YES PLEASE! i think pretty much anything is safe. i could use pointers in any look. :)

  6. You got a smokin' steal on those Macy's jeans! Well, and on everything else too. Love the shoes too!

    Yes, please do some make-up tutes!

  7. The jeans are such a great find!!! And the shoes are SO worth the full price....they totally vamp up the outfit. $24? not too much to pay for great shoes!!.

  8. love those earnings! and those boots are awesome! I am loving purple these days! Have you seen those earrings that are crocheted? they look like your earrings a little bit and they rock!!

  9. haha i spell checked and it turned earrings intoearnings! LOL

  10. lorajean
    ha! i didn't even notice that! how did you know! i have been sort of dying over crochette earrings for a while now... in fact i just ripped out a magazine clipping the other day! my pink guess earrings are actually wrapped in ribbon... we could tatally make those right!

  11. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I ma so so obsessed with this outfit and for the screaming deal you got for it! You should consider moving to my neck of the woods and taking me shopping ;)! Love!

  12. Can I have those purple shoes? I'm really nice, I promise! Very cute outfit, I love what you paired together!


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