Cora made me do it...

Sep 21, 2010

this picture screams danger.... what was i thinking!

anyone who knows me will agree... i am a little vain.... i grocery shop in heels and NEVER leave my house without concealer and mascara. EVER.

i am cringing at the thought of sharing these pics, but they made me laugh SO hard that it would be selfish not to share the... i can't think of a good word.... nonsense...

i was trying to blog yesterday and Cora came upstairs so to keep her busy i told her to go pick out an outfit for me...

kimono top-TJ max, $5
gold belt- don't remember, cheap
cheetah pencil skirt- thrifted $3 (actually really gorgeous, diagonal ruffle across the front)
hounds tooth cropped pants- urban behavior, $2.99
black and white patent stappy sandals- payless, $5 (never worn)
Theirry Mugler necklaces (i used to work in fragrance)

photography by Cora, of course. she also directed the shoot and told me how i should pose.

i had asked her to find me an outfit i could clean in...

then she says, "mom, you need make-up"

....i have no words...

pixie eyeshadow pallate in mermaid
mac gel blush
YSL sheer orange lipstick
lash blast mascara

make-up artist, Cora

my future STYLIST

...oh my gosh, i can't BELIEVE i'm posting this!



  1. This is cute. You're a great sport! =)

  2. I think Cora did a FABULOUS job dressing Mommy up! Great and entertaining post.


  3. omgoodness!!!! You are so brave she did a wonderful job! I see #1 Stylist to the Stars in her future! :D


  4. Hahahah!!! I love that outfit she chose for you! So funny!!!! You look cute no matter what though!

  5. So cute & funny! Love this post!


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