Cory's shirt...

Nov 23, 2011

Cory's shirt, Forever 21 jeans, Target shoes, purse necklace won on Chloes blog, braclets made by me, electric green nail polish 5below
i have been on a mens dress shirt refashioning kick... and this was the start of it all...

 i simply took in the sides, rolled up the sleeves and cropped it just a tad pulling on the threads a bit for a frayed look...

have you entered our Shabby Apple skirt giveaway yet? the give away winner will be announced Monday along with our Birds of Ashmae watercolor print giveaway make sure you get your entries in asap!

in Sophie news...
shes doing better, not herself just yet but she finally got herself 2 nights of uninterupted sleep..
we are shooting for at least 3... 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  1. oooh, cute!
    love the first photo. :)

  2. Sue WestrellNovember 23, 2011

    This is so cute! I just love how it came out.
    And aww, hopefully she'll manage another night of sleeping!

  3. OMGosh completely adorable! Love it!

  4. oh my gosh girl!!!! how are you!!! ???? how did you stumble across this little blog? i dont even think i had a family blog when you guys moved.... where do you live now? done any musicals lately? we seriously need to catch up!

  5. you didn't!  This is fab!  I was looking for something regarding sewing as I am working on a pirate costume for my daughter.  And it pulled up this adorable I was looking through and thinking that gorgeous woman looks so familiar!  We are still in PA and we did Wizard of Oz here as a fam 2 years ago.  J and I got the same parts with Nathanael winning the part of the Scarecrow and Tristyn getting the coroner.  Kaleia got to do most of the same parts as before but got to be my nikko as well.  We haven't done much since then, but Nathanael has.  So how is everyone there? What a funny way to reconnect, right?!?  hugs 

  6. She is looking awesome in this shirt. I want it right now. :-)


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