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Jan 9, 2014

yes i realize that Michigan doesn't look anything like this at the moment... "snow-pacalypse" has hit us hard snagging us 3 extra days of vacation (one of which i spent puking my guts) on account of the roads being literal ice rinks and negative double digit temps...
i hate weather.
so up go some pics of a sunny day and green grass..
a girl can dream...

speaking of dreamy...

 tee hee..

{in other non-important news, giant earrings make me happy...}

today Soph and i talked/snort laughed about how we always discuss our amazing/genius ideas and then never do them/document them...
i smell a new years resolution coming on...
i mean for real we are a couple of blog slackers and its high time we got off our butts and sat down at the computer... on our butts.
i mean we were booted off a "fashion blogger list" because we dont blog frequently enough AND Sydney keeps stealing all our ideas straight out of our heads {clearly we came up with all her effortless goodness and she is a mind reader... or we lie. ok. we lie}
to top it all off i have hit all time lazy girl status hitting 2,000 followers on pinterest which is only possible if you are trolling pinterest 10x's per day EVERY day.. {for real EVERY pin is a re-pin i kid you not!}
its time to get off my butt 2014!
{i guess ill take sophie with me}

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  1. loving this skirt!!

    xo Jessica


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