lankiness... and a give away!

Apr 24, 2014

Is "lankiness" a word?

who cares i guess cause Cora is pure lankiness... 
just noodle arms and legs and knobby knees and elbows

watching this little lunatic in dance all year has been quite hysterical... just throwing her noodle arms and legs around like a crazy ragdoll..
pure joy really

she's a very bendy kid with hardly any control... until recently anyway... 
she has suddenly become quite the little dancer as her technique has really clicked in..
quite a transformation! (not one i was expecting lets just be honest!)

you see im not "that" mom... 
you know, the one who thinks their kids can do no wrong and are THE most talented...
dont get me wrong, my girls have major potential (but this is my dance teacher perspective... a flexible gangly child has the potetial to do great things if they work hard)
i just dont assume they are the best or can do it all... or sometimes anything at all... i just sit back and wait, and watch and then suddenly she does a completely split Grande jete with straight knees and pointed toes and i am shocked out of my mind! MY lanky child did that?
alright thats it.
shes gonna be a professional ballerina obviously.
and then two seconds later she leaps over to me with bent knees and flexed duck feet and says 
"mom did you see what i did!!!?"

 yes you sweet scrawny kid... i saw you... it was perfect!
if you love Cora's  twirly Rollercoaster dress you are in luck!
leave a comment below and enter to win a $50 gift card of girly twirly goodness to Matilda Jane!!!
{we love Matilda Jane!!}


  1. Me, me, pick me!!

  2. I like the lanky look. And that could really add to her lines in dancing. My girl has giant feet and the two toes next to the big toe are connected. I jokingly tell her she can never be a foot model. But more sadly she can never wear toe socks. The dress is lovely. Have. A nice day

  3. Emma GodfreyApril 26, 2014

    I friend just asked me a few weeks ago if I had heard of this brand! I hadn't but glad I now do!

  4. And this is when I hope I have a girl someday!! ;) Adorable stuff!!

  5. Such cute stuff!

  6. Livivua RamseyMay 01, 2014

    i love this line this brand is simple but yet very playful for a little one!

  7. oh poor baby!!! a four year old with a broken leg! i cant even imagine! i hope she heals fast! i thrifted those sweet little shoes! im pretty sure they are GAP though...

  8. Oh girls. I have to enter, I mean just because I love me some MJ.


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