MIlitary Ballin

Apr 28, 2014

Let me tell you what, it is really fun to have an event that you need to get all dressed up for. Getting ready for the military ball was half the fun. The other half was sitting at our table and observing the ruckus, hilarious and occasionally inappropriate behavior of the other soldiers. Some of the army traditions are really weird but it's those traditions that make going to a ball once a year really fun. 
I found my dress on Venus... a website I never would have found unless the person who used to live in our home didn't get a monthly catalog.
My dress is no longer available but HERE is my second pick! Cute, huh?

rings... Nordstrom rack and Etsy

I added the sleeves... which are made out of material from a pair of old (aka untouched in 6 years) "Jazz pants"
Then I went to Ross and found a tacky mesh shirt for 5.00 which I cut up and inserted into the back of the dress. I wore a nude camisole underneath.

 I wore a pair of strappy Nine West heels (a total "go to" pair in my closet).
The craziest part of the night was that it totally snowed... or "iced" I should say. Yeah, that's right. Here in Texas. NUTS. The ball was back in January but I've got to admit I'm still eyeing formals... 
Selina says she'll make my next one! OOOOHHHH the possibilities!!

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