i cant do it, unless Sophie is on the phone....

May 2, 2014

thrifted skirt, Mia heels (old), Target tee, Forever 21 sunglasses, necklace made by me, Wet and Wild red velevet megalast lipstick

i swear i cant get started doing ONE freaking useful thing unless i call (preferably Facetime) Sophie... i am completely dependent

 if i remember correctly this is a picture of Sophie demanding that i take pictures and that i was a lazy bum and a beyond terrible blogger (not really, shes very positive with her motivating...she is bossy though)

i feel like i know im a grown-up... my age tells me so... its just that i thought i would feel super different, like be all organized and keep a perfectly clean house and know my schedule really well and be prepared for everything and be extremely self motivated..... etc... at least by the time i was in my "early thirties"
well friends im 32 years old and i dont "feel" different... i was a super grown-up child so maybe thats why... i always had to be responsible so there was no real life change... plus we started our family young, i spent my twenties as a mom..
i think now Sophie is the oldest... 
Sophie can take the reigns...
every time she comes to visit she cleans my microwave..
so my microwave is clean once a year...

im not a total wreck, i just love to sort and organize and hate to put things back, i love folding laundry but i hate running it and loathe putiing it away, i like things picked up but i could give a crap about dusting... 
do you see my problem...
So i call Sophie 
and somehow i get off my butt and do my dishes...
Thanks Soph!
PS. You're the oldest now


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  1. Amanda A :)July 13, 2014

    Miss you girls, hope all is well :)


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