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Nov 9, 2010

you guys are so awesome!!!

 really, you are... its so cool to see some of our ideas revisioned by all of you.. it gives us some serious warm fuzzies! Check out what MeikeVanessa did with our Chocolate Flower Necklace..

a totally amazing broach! i love how she made the petal points extra sharp and the button in the middle is such an awesome touch!

she also made our lace earring frame

it looks exactly like ours! i had to do a double take! we love her!
(her blog is in German... anybody know how to change it to english so we can read it?)

let me take a moment to DIE for her....... 

ok, on with the show

the fabric she chose... its just yummy right!
she is so cute and she tries all kinds of cool tutorials...

check out this Big Bow Skirt made by Lynn


seriously, how cute is she! the blue skirt and black bow is total genious... you should see the other cute stuff she makes you will LOVE it!

and Nena Nadine made this cute headband from our Charlotte Flower Tutorial

she said she twisted the flowers tighter than she wanted but we think its genious!

Jen @ Darling notes also made a couple Charlotte Flowers for her cozy...

she has a super cute blog full of pretty things... we think she should have her very own magazine!

did you also make one of our Tutorials?
or try one of our (sometimes kooky) ideas?

leave us a comment or an email so we can feature you too!

~Selina, Sophie, Liv & Elise


  1. thank you so much, this really made my day!!!
    and i'm definitly going to post in german AND ENGLISH from now on! if i can find some time, i will also translate my older post, so you and maybe some others can take a look at my sewing-attempts ;)
    take care! :) <3

  2. You all are awesome for sharing such wonderful inspiring ideas with everyone!! :)

  3. This is sweet! I love to see what others came up with.

    Just Better Together

  4. WHOOT!!! LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much darlin'! I am totally in love with your blog. Seriously.

  5. Oh, I love these revisions! Especially the Chocolate Flower Necklace! ;)

  6. YAY! Thank you so much for showing off my cozy with Charlotte flowers. I totally meant to leave this comment yesterday, but got caught up! Thanks for commenting over at my blog!

  7. I know German, so I could help you out. Plus, you could always go to Google Translate and copy and paste the entire post to read what it is in English.

  8. I already started translating, I hope I made not too many mistakes... *^_^*


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